North Fork Christian Academy



We love the families of the North Fork Valley, and we want to help you in the education journey. This is why on September 16, 2018, we established the school board for North Fork Christian Academy. It is not just another option of learning, it is a Christian option of learning.

building leaders

Facts are great, but facts alone do not build men and women who have the character to lead and effect change. We desire to develop students with biblical morals, so that they graduate ready to lead and to fulfill their Divine calling.

Educating Minds

Albert Einstein said, "If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough." It is our goal at NFCA to mold young minds in a way that equips them to know each subject well enough, so that they can explain it simply and apply it fully.

Our Mission

IMPACT all areas of our students’ lives: spiritual, social, mental and physical.

INSPIRE our students with a heart for God, their families, and their country.

INSTILL in our students a desire to achieve their full potential. 

INSTRUCT our students with excellent, Bible-centered academics. 

INFLUENCE our students to have moral and ethical strength, integrity, and respect.