Our Story

North Fork Christian Academy officially formed on September 16, 2018, with the establishment of the NFCA Board. However, the vision for a Christian school in the North Fork Valley began in 2009 with the arrival of Pastor Jake DeField at Hotchkiss First Baptist Church. Pastor Jake believes strongly in Christian education and has never given up on a Christian school for our community. Over the past year this vision became more of a reality as the church voted to approve plans for a Christian school. We fervently pray for God’s wisdom & grace as we establish NFCA to serve, train, and build many generations to come. 

Why choose NFCA?

Christian Education

We believe that all truth is God’s truth, all beauty is God’s beauty. In other words, God was the first mathematician, linguist, scientist, engineer, artist. He is before all and Creator of all! At NFCA we will strive to offer your child an education that is based on God as Creator of all truth & beauty, and every subject will be taught from this perspective. 

Biblical Worldview

In our world today, young people are faced with a host of issues & decisions: climate change, abortion, racism, political party differences, sexual orientation & expression, nationalism, and many other moral & ethical controversies. At NFCA we commit that we will teach our students to view these controversies through the lenses of the Bible.   

Challenging Academics

NFCA has selected Abeka curriculum as the curriculum of learning for our future students. This decision was made primarily on data, which suggests that students who learn through the Abeka program are often two grades above students who learn through public education. We want challenging academics for our students, because we believe you want them for your student.

Character Development

Hard work, respect for others, honesty, stick-to-ittiveness, grace: these are characters that we hope to instill within our students at NFCA. Character often makes the difference between success and failure not just in the work place, but also at home. We commit to caring for your student’s character, so that he or she stands above the rest as a leader, who is willing to do what is right even when it hurts. 

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