- WHY -

We chose Abeka Curriculum

No Better Curriculum

Abeka is traditional & biblically based, and it has been growing & improving since 1972. 

 “I LOVE Abeka. There is no better curriculum.” ~ Abeka Christian school teacher.  

For Teachers By Teachers

This means curriculum with lesson plans in manageable steps, visually stimulating textbooks & aids, and digital products that engage students. 


Proven Track Record

Millions of Christian school students have graduated under the Abeka curriculum since 1972, and over 1 million students used Abeka in 2017 alone. 


Biblical Foundation

We believe that the ultimate Text Book of life is the Bible. With Akeka curriculum each subject is viewed with this belief in mind, enabling our Christian school to teach every subject from a biblical foundation.  


"I was very please with Abeka Curriculum. My son scored a 28 on the ACT and was very college ready."
"Generally, our students are in the eightieth & ninetieth percentiles, when compared to national averages."​
Senior Educational Consultant
"Before Abeka, Caden hated to read and struggled with it badly. We are now on lesson 76 today, and he is finishing timed readings before the time is even up. He is also loving the stories. [Abeka's] program has taken a child that hated to read, to [a child who], a couple months later, can't put books down.  [At] the end of 5th grade, I got a phone call from an occupational therapist telling me that his handwriting was not legible, that it had never improved, and how she was discontinuing services with him, and he would be assigned a laptop computer in place of writing. As you can see in his work, just look at his handwriting now! I knew my son was capable, I knew he could do it. Thanks to [Abeka], this is where we are now."
Mrs. Major
"In 2014, we adopted two school age girls from China and found out that they were not only behind in school in China, but also had several developmental delays. Even though I have a Childhood & Elementary degree, I was at a loss for how to help them. After researching through the DuBard School for speech, developmental delays, and dyslexia, which is out of the University of Southern Mississippi, I realized that Abeka met all the educational requirements that I found to help children learn. Although the material is difficult, [Abeka] completely teaches it. Edith learns just by hearing the Scripture memory and other memory work taught through recitation and drill. She can't help learning, because [Abeka] teaches the material so well."


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