*Giving through a ministry not to a ministry

Where can I direct my funds?

Scholarship Assist

Our scholarship Assist program is designed to help lower income students afford NFCA. It also allows us to offer discounts and scholarships that keep NFCA available to the broader North Fork Valley. We desire to keep costs low, so that everyone has an opportunity at a Christian education.

Building Assist

One of the greatest hurdles that a Christian school must overcome is providing a safe, adequate building for learning. We are in the process of updating our current building situation, and we would greatly appreciate your help with this challenge.

General Assist

Together we are stronger, and this is no less true when it comes to the general needs of the school. General assist is used for updated technology for the school, playground equipment, teacher pay, and just normal school expenses. It helps us continue to keep the cost low, while providing the best for our students.


*We do not fully endorse the theology of John Piper. However, we appreciate his explanation and biblical insight presented on giving in this video.