Teaching is not just an occupation, it’s a PASSION.


One Room School House

Yes, you read correctly. We are a family, and all of our students learn together in one room. Teaching is supplemented using ABEKA’s Master Program, which means our teacher must be able to adapt to many different teaching levels and situations.

Pioneering Environment

We are located in a small community, which presents a unique environment for learning. Traditional? Yes. Christian? For sure! Conventional? Not quite. This is why we are looking for someone with a pioneering spirit, who can help us meet the challenge. Are you in?  

Excellence & Integrity

Whatever impression you may have already gathered from this position, please know that we are firm on excellence and integrity. Is this your passion? We need someone who will push our students with love to be their best for God’s glory. 

For more information contact James (970) 399-5299, Please send your application to PO Box 26, Hotchkiss, CO 81419, or email your completed application to James. Thank you for your interest in this position! We will get back to you as soon as possible.